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International Solidarity Work is a left-wing NGO based in Helsinki, Finland.

International Solidarity Work (Kansainvälinen Solidaarisuustyö) is a left-wing NGO. We do charitable work in co-operation with grassroots movements. In addition we challenge the current development aid system and work in order to create a new and more equal economic system. toimimaan uudenlaisen ja oikeudenmukaisen kansainvälisen talousjärjestelmän puolesta.

The organisation was founded in 1985 as a part of the people's democratic movement. Our current members are the Left Alliance party, The Left Youth, Pinskut, Vasemmisto-opiskelijat and Yleinen Lehtimiesliitto. In recent times our work has focused on solidarity with Western Sahara, solidarity economies and basic income in development aid.


International Solidarity Work is creating a better world. Donations are especially important in making this possible. In the %-movement you donate a percent of your montly income for solidarity work. Donations are processed securely and you can change the amount or cancel in a matter of minutes.

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