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In the %-Movement you give a percent of your monthly income to solidarity work.

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International Solidarity Work is creating a better world. Donations are especially important in making this possible. In the %-movement you donate a percent of your montly income for solidarity work. Donations are processed securely and you can change the amount or cancel in a matter of minutes.

Donate securely with the form on this page via your credit or debit card or create a monthly payment in your web bank. IBAN: FI47 1555 3000 1151 22 (Kansainvälinen Solidaarisuustyö ry). 

All donations go towards supporting our work. They pay for self finance portions of our campaigns, communications and running costs of running the organisation. Not a penny is wasted!

International Solidarity Work has campaigned for a better world for over 30 years. In recent times we've worked towards ending the Western Saharan occupation, raised awareness of global inequality, and supported new solidarity economies. More information can be found on the Our work-page or by subscribing to our newsletter (in Finnish)!

You can securely make a donation by credit or debit card on this page. Your personal information will be stored securely on our partner's site, and will never be used for any other purpose. Every time your donation is processed, you receive an email with a link to change your donation sum or cancel it entirely.

Every time your recurring donation is processed, you receive an email with a link to edit or cancel it. If you have problems or concerns please contact us via this site, or by email: 

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